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The World Bank created a research database of fintech regulations in nearly 200 countries around the world. These regulations cover the following topics: 

  • Anti-money laundering 
  • Client Due Diligence (CDD) 
  • Equity crowdfunding
  • Digital ID
  • Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
  • Peer to Peer (P2P)
  • Electronic Money
  • Electronic Payment Transactions 
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Data Protection 
  • Innovation Facilitators 
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Banking 
  • Open Banking 

According to the information provided by the World Bank, the database is current to July 2021 and it can be accessed  here. If you doing business globally in any of these areas and would like to explore further the fintech regulations, reach out to us at We have developed a network of local partners specialising in fintech laws and we would love to assist you.