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Tell us about your internship with Dalir Law Firm? What did you learn there?

Dalir is a boutique fintech law firm based in London which serves global clients. They specialise in payments, data privacy, marketplaces, crypto, and various other e-commence fast-growing industries.

During my internship, I have had the opportunity to work on various legal research projects and to exercise my legal drafting skills. I have gained important both, regulatory and commercial, experience in this area and feel confident that this will be extremely useful in my future legal carrier.

As this is a very dynamic legal area, I had to learn fast and follow all the new developments, which was quite challenging, but overall great learning.

I have had the privilege to be mentored directly by the founder of Dalir and the fintech award-winning lawyer, Dr. Irena Dajkovic, which allowed me to learn fast.

How did you adapt to Covid-19 circumstances?

The year of Covid-19 was not easy for anyone, especially for smaller businesses. We have however adapted to it quite well with the remote working, and I have enjoyed our team online meetings and training session.

Would you recommend the Dalir internship to your peers?

Definitely. It will allow you to learn fast and in a real-world environment, but be ready to roll up your sleeves, be responsible, and feel passionate about what you do. That’s the key to your success with Dalir. Internships are about learning and if you show you want to do that, you will be given great tools and learning assistance. There is no paper copying and coffee making. It’s a great legal experience with the passionate team of lawyers.