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A word from DALIR’s founder Dr Irena Dajkovic:

“It’s was an honour being a guest, together with other Montenegrin scientists from around the world, of the Montenegrin Ministry of Science and the Chamber of Economy at the conference on the ‘Challenges on the Path to the EU’. It was very interesting to see that while the UK is paving its path out with Brexit, one of the strengths of the EU could still be seen here in action as it is driving positive changes in the countries in the Balkans, including Montenegro.

However, unlike when the first block of the Eastern European country joined the EU, and the accession timelines played a key stimulating role, the projected deadline of 2025 for the next EU accessions has seemingly created a slight feeling of frustration to those most advanced in their EU negotiations. It has consequently raised a question if the EU still represents such an attraction to behave like a “young bride to be”. In that context, there is no doubt that having all former Yugoslav countries reunited under the EU umbrella would strengthen the stability of the region. Hopefully the EU leaders recognise this as well, and will not allow the EU internal bureaucratic processes to derail the accession of those countries and cause them to look for alternatives.”