• Cartels
  • Abuse of dominance
  • Merger Control
  • State Aid

Banking and FinTech

  • Banking Services
  • Payment Services, including merchant acquiring, money remittance, direct debit, credit transfer, payment initiation services and payment account information services
  • Accession to the Card Schemes including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, UnionPay
  • Single European Payment Area (SEPA) Rulebooks
  • SEPA Schemes Adherence, including Legal Opinions for adhering to SEPA Schemes, i.e. SEPA Credit Transfer, SEPA Direct Debit Core, SEPA Direct Debit B2B, SEPA Instant Credit Transfer.
  • Payments trade association representation on behalf of your organisation
  • eMoney Services
  • Peer-to-peer Lending services
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges

Commercial Contracts

  • Master Services Agreements, also referred to as Framework Agreements
  • Supplier Agreements
  • Consultancy Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Agency Agreements
  • Marketing Agreements
  • Franchising, development and licensing agreements
  • Strategic alliances, partnerships, collaborations and joint ventures
  • Financing arrangements, including Loan Agreements
  • Trust Agreements
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Intra-group service, licence and/or data transfer Agreements
  • Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Letter of Intent

Corporate and M&A

  • Shareholder Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements
  • Share Purchase Agreements (SPAs) and related corporate actions
  • Director Services Agreements
  • Support to the Board of Directors as independent legal adviser
  • Non-executive Director or Advisory Committee, Risk Committee representative
  • Advising on corporate governance issues including corporate governance and risk committees
  • M&A due diligence report
  • Corporate and regulatory aspects in relation with M&A activities
  • Setting up of UK, international and off-shore corporate entities, including assistance with the opening of bank accounts
  • Company Secretariat for both start-ups and established companies
  • Business reorganisation, restructuring and insolvency

Regulatory & Compliance

  • Anti-money laundering
  • Privacy, data protection & cyber-security
  • Antitrust/Competition filings
  • Regulatory licences and authorisations among others in financial, energy and natural resources, life science, and telecoms sectors
  • Card Scheme Licences and Compliance (advice & negotiations)
  • Compliance Monitoring Plans
  • Corporate Training Programmes

Real Estate

  • Lease agreements
  • Statutory and other Lease extensions
  • Landlord and Tenant disputes

Intellectual Property (IP)

  • Trademark registrations
  • Patent registrations
  • IP agreements
  • Copyright and Database Rights
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Design Rights
  • Know-how, trade secrets and confidential information

BREXIT & EU Accessions

  • Brexit implications for specific aspects of your business
  • Accession to the EU – negotiations on behalf of the accession country and/or expert opinions